Magenta Collection, nice to meet you.

Magenta is the meeting between two generations, where professional and rational experience embraces the energy of youth and the warmth of hospitality.

It arises from engineering and technological skills that offer precision, organization and reliability at the service of tourist accommodation.

We at Magenta are a passionate team. We want to take hospitality to a higher level that inspires those who, like us, have made this work a lifestyle and a mission.

Our idea is simple: to offer the services and the right care to make you feel good.

Our main Pillars:

Kindness because it is the backbone of our service and our relationships.
We believe it is the key to making hospitality a noble profession and the tool to build a better world

Passion because our work cannot be done well if not carried away by the sincere desire to make your stay pleasant and give you the tools to better enjoy your experience with us.

Ethics because we believe that transparency is a necessity, as well as a value.
With our clear welcome proposals we offer an adequate answer to what you are looking for from your stay.

And now, you just have to come and visit us!