Campo de’ Fiori

If you are looking for something authentic, Campo de ‘Fiori is certainly the right choice for lovers of good company and nightlife. Together with Trastevere, Testaccio and Monti, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods for lovers of good company and nightlife.

A lively place, in the morning an outdoor market where you can find a little bit of everything, fruit, vegetables and culinary specialties, but also clothing. From late afternoon onwards it turns into one of the centers of the Capitoline nightlife, with its numerous bars and restaurants open until late.

Historical hints about Campo de' Fiori

A historical mention is in order.

Campo de ‘Fiori, which until the 15th century was precisely a flowery field, was the site of horse races and public executions.

In 1400 Pope Callisto III recovered the neighborhood and it is in this period of restructuring of the area that historic buildings such as the famous Palazzo Orsini are built. The square thus became an area of passage for ambassadors and cardinals and took on a new life, welcoming a thriving horse market, taverns, trade, art and craft centers.

Alongside its vitality, as mentioned, it was also a place of executions. The statue erected in the center of the square reminds us of the Dominican philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burned alive on February 17, 1600 on charges of heresy.

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Restaurants and shops in the area

To get an idea of how to use your free time during your stay in Rome near Campo de ‘Fiori, we have created this summary map.

What to do close to Campo de' Fiori

In the vicinity there are many other places of interest. Take a look at Piazza Navona!

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