Stay close to the Hospital Bambin Gesù

The Bambin Gesù Hospital is one of the Italian excellences in the field of health dedicated to children. There are many families, from Italy and above, who choose it to care for their children in pediatric age.


Room or Apartment near the Infant Jesus


In order to stay close to their children or close to the hospital in the case of day hospital care, many people look for rooms or apartments in the area.

Magenta Collection can offerfamily rooms, and one or two-room rooms apartmentsin the Vatican area, near the San Pietro station, a stone’s throw from the Bambin Gesù.


As stated on the website, the Bambino Gesù Hospital is the first Italian pediatric hospital and was born in thesecond half of the nineteenth centurythanks to the generous initiative of the Salviati family. We are in 1869 and in Rome, as in the rest of Italy, the little sick are often hospitalized, without any particular attention, in the same hospital wards as adults.

A small room in via delle Zoccolette, a stone’s throw from the Tiber, becomes the first nucleus of the hospital dedicated to the Infant Jesus. There are just four beds, entrusted to the diligent care of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincenzo De Paoli, but for the city of Rome it is a revolution, the concrete response to the request for help especially from the poorest children.

The history of the hospital is very interesting and spans the entire 20th century.

Today, the hospital has 607 beds and a level of excellence in the quality and complexity of care, for which it is identified as an international reference point for the health of children and young people.